Where to visit in Seoul: House of Dior

Shopping, art, delicious confectionary at the world's largest Dior flagship boutique in Apgujeong, Seoul

Shoutout to Dior Lovers out there!

Luxury shopping experience is going to be another level with Dior. The world’s biggest Dior flagship store is located at Apgujeong, Seoul. Not because it is the biggest but Café Dior by Pierre Hermé is located at the top of House of Dior, the white stunning large sculptural building.

Every single detail that you can find in House of Dior is a fantastic experience. From the dessert design which resembles its architecture, the restrooms which are also carried their in-house fragrances, shopping to galleries and café. Shopping experience has never been so amazing at House of Dior, you will also find impressive sales assistants who are able to speak in several languages and assist you at all times.

Expect to have their menu changes from time to time, just like how the new collection is up every season. A must visit café if you are in Seoul, Korea, for the reason that they craft exquisite desserts. Most importantly, every corner of House of Dior is Instagram worthy!

Ladies, it’s time to make Seoul your next destination for holidays!

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