Let's check out the highly rated quick-serve vegan restaurant in the West Village!

Searching the best food around is one of my favourite things to do when I come to New York City. I even have a list of eateries to visit before we head down to NYC for the fashion week. By Chloe is one of them and it’s a highly rated vegan restaurant. Though I thought it could be highly overrated because of the hype, I still give it a go just because their food packagings are just Instagram worthy.

Like any hot spot in NYC, this place is always packed. We managed to get a good spot for our meal, of course. Good weather, good food, that is all I can ask for.

For some reasons, any avocados dish in NYC seems to be so delicious and my favourite is their avocado toast! I would not mind eating the same thing every time I visit here. Ah, on the side note, guys. You definitely need to try Chipotle too, it’s also in my favourite food list in NYC. By Chloe isn’t overrated, the food is good, looks good, perfect combination right?

Do you guys have any recommendations of places to visit in NYC? Let me know in the comments below!

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