Diamonds are a girl’s best friend;
But this November, Tiffany has launched a pleasant surprise that no girl can say no to this blue box.

Inspired by the Tiffany’s 128.54-carat diamond, Tiffany’s eau de parfum comes in a geometric shaped glass bottle with Tiffany’s signature blue wrap at the bottle neck.
This feminine scent gives off an elegance aura that are classy, modern and a notable reminder to the eternal elegant Audrey Hepburn of Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
The eau de parfum is a genie in a bottle, its delicate blend is a composition of iris, green mandarin and patchouli musks which I love it very much.

Besides packed in its trademark Tiffany Blue Box that will make me part of its club without owning their diamond (yet!), this blend of inspiration and stories behind the elegance fragrance makes me feel extremely exclusive for owning it.

Ladies, this is one essential Tiffany that you needs to add to your collection.
Guys, surprise your muses with this limited edition personalised Tiffany’s fragrance now.

Head down to Tiffany’s pop-up store outside Takashimaya (Singapore) to have your bottle engraved, engraving service is provided till the end of Nov 2017.


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