Once again, Loewe has amazed us with their ‘The Laced Collection’!

From this collection, unquestionably, I can understand why their loyal customers repeatedly purchase the same model with just slight difference in color and materials.

Remember the Raffia Hammock Bag that I wrote about it not long ago? Raffia has caught my attention, and the bold needlework from The Laces Collection captures my heart this time round. The leather laces acts as a thread and it’s sewn throughout its seams and cuts reminds my first sewing lesson during my childhood. Every girl who loves to sew would be able to resonate my sentiments here. The satisfaction of excellence sewing techniques and the strive for nothing less than a perfect product is precisely the reason why we heart this collection so much!

Now that I’ve owned a Puzzle and Hammock Bag, should I add a Barcelona Bag or Elephant Mini Bag from The Laced Collection to my Loewe family? :p


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