Tiffany & Co. and Lady Gaga

Some jewellery are meant to make a statement or serves as a talking point at a party. A symbolic key charm or a dainty pair of diamond earrings are often gifted on a lady’s 21st birthday celebration. I am no exception to this custom. I’ve gotten my gold key from Tiffany & Co. when I turned 21 too. Those pieces will be kept on for years and marks life’s milestones.

Tiffany & Co.’s HardWear collection was first launched in 1971 and had made a remarkable refresh recently with the American pop icon, Lady Gaga fronting its campaign. When it first premiered during Super Bowl earlier this month, I was amazed by this bold style chameleon who played the elegant and sophisticated persona in the ad.

The collection, as its name suggests, is a bit chunky, but remains the Tiffany’s elegance elements. I can’t agree with Gaga more that she said, “The real joy in it I think is the romance of jewelry. And it is a misconception that a man, or your lover, has to buy you jewelry. I think a woman can buy herself jewelry and put it on with dignity.”

Don’t you guys agree more than me?

Watch Gaga in the campaign’s video promo below.

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