Great news for those who have chappy lips constantly! It looks like Dior has heard our concerns!

Well, my lips are always dry and chappy. You can trust my review here as I have tried and tested this Dior’s Lip Sugar Scrub that has greatly improved my lips condition. It is by far one of my favourites and best recommended Dior’s lipsticks.

This lipstick has tiny grains of sugar that helps to exfoliate the dead skin on your lips. The lip balm & scrub helps to smoothen the deep and cracked lines on your lips. Not only does it soften the deep lines, but it will also helps in the treatment of these deep lips line every time you use it. Not kidding, ladies.

Dior Lip Sugar Scrub

What I love about this exfoliating stick is that it comes with a healthy tint of pink. On my lazy days, this will be my one-stop solution for my lips. Otherwise, this stick would be my ultimate favourite to prep my lips before applying any further lipsticks or lip gloss as it will just makes my lips looking much more vibrant effortlessly.

It’s indeed a remarkable formula. In addition, the packing is in matte finishing too! The only thing that I wish they will roll out soon are additional tinted colors so that I’ve more color options!

What’re you waiting for – Hurry go and try them out!

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