Thanks for the folks at Fresh for introducing their beauty brand to me!

For many of you who have already heard and tried their skincare products, good for you all! For those who haven’t like myself, this would be the best time for you try something new & Fresh!

It’s been a week since I have used their Black Tea Kombucha Facial Treatment Essence in my daily regime and I can definitely see how it changes my game.

The fast-absorbing liquid formula comes with a pleasant Black Tea scent which provides significant anti-pollution and antioxidant protection. It helps the skin to battle against blue light emission from our digital screens, and shield us from the blazing sun-rays in our sunny island.

Curious about its concoction formula, the key ingredient in this essence, Kombucha, is produced through a fermentation process involving black tea and sugar. It gives a powerful properties to defend against pollution and free radicals. With our typical city lifestyle, we can’t avoid our screens, UV rays, air pollution, stress and so on. To enhance its aptness for city dwellers, this double defense protection that against daily city pollution and free radicals essence is a first step after your cleansing and toner treatment in your skincare ritual, it will prep your skin and allow your serums and moisturizer to absorb better to your skin rapidly.

8 Proven Benefits
1. Provides Anti-pollution & antioxidant Protection
2. Enchances Skin Luminosity
3. Reduces the Look of Fine Lines
4. Refine the Look of Pores
5. Improves Elasticity
6. Smoothes Skin Texture
7. Reveals a Rosy Complexion
8. Provides 24-Hour Moisture

Guys, the Black Tea Kombucha Facial Treatment Essence is an essential part of any age-delay ritual, you wouldn’t want to miss this out!


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