TANGS Plaza has renovated its top level from a retail space to a spa heaven. Every spa treatment offers a luxury indulgence and I can’t deny that I would love to check out every treatments that every spa salons has. Luxury beauty brands from La Mer to Chanel and Dior, just to name a few here, are offering spa treatments now. And our very own local scene? That’s right, none other than DrSpa® | DrHair by Dr. Georgia Lee.

For a brief introduction, Dr Lee is a local celebrity doctor who is charismatic and patient which explains why she is so popular among the local celebrities and patients. On a side note, I can’t stop emphasizing how good Dr.Gl’s skincare products are. They are specially designed to suit skin types in tropical countries. Singapore is such a humid country and only people living in tropical countries will understand how frustrating a frequent breakout can be. That’s one of the reasons why Dr. Lee has come out Dr.GL skincare range for different needs. Above all, I am still using their cleanser and Restore gel mask on my breakout days, they are really promising. Every products are designed for different needs, so be sure to let your consultant knows your needs.

My pleasure to be invited for a PowerLift treatment at Dr. Spa yesterday. The experience was amazing and I am totally pleased with the results.

Firstly, my face is cleansed which comes with a face massage and followed by extraction of pimples and whiteheads. Next, the PowerLift treatment will be done with Multi-polar Radio Frequency, Vacuum and LED Technology that comes in Red and Blue Light. The above technologies mentioned, help to stimulate collagen and elastic production, homogenizes subdermal fat and improves blood flow and lymph circulation. Additionally, it increases the rate of skin cell renewal and reduces formation of wrinkles and fine lines. Afterwhich, a mask was applied and a massage was given before treatment comes to an end.

As a matter of fact, my smiling lines has almost disappeared after one treatment and my V-shaped is obvious than before. So ladies, if you are worried about the firmness of your face, this would be an absolute solution for your troubles!

Customers are able to enjoy 4 complimentary treatments with 10 treatments purchased at DrSpa® | DrHair at Tangs Plaza now.

DrSpa® | Face
Clean & Polish (90mins | $180)
Platinum NanoPlus (105mins | $430)
HI & Lift (120mins | $500)
Restructure & Rejuvenate (105 mins | $480)
Hydrate & Glow (105 mins | $520)
PowerLift (105mins | $480)
Repair & Rejuvenate (90mins | $300)
Glow Mira-Lift (120mins | $1288)
Restructure & Rejuvenate For Eyes 40mins $150

DrSpa | Body
Slim & Contour (60mins | $280)
Hand Clarity (60mins | $120)
Soothe & Relief For Legs (30mins | $120)
PowerLift for Bust (105mins | $250)

DrHair | Hair & Scalp
Anti-Hair Loss (90mins | $420)
Hair Defence (75mins | $380)

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