Chanel overload.

Yes, Chanel overload, the intoxicated state where one sees only Chanel’s news whenever she goes. And that’s because it’s Singapore first-ever Chanel’s Coco Café has landed on our sunny island, Singapore!

It’s hard not to be blown away be this bespoke experience and I’m sure most of you share my sentiments.

I believe all of you have an unique beauty experience and amazing moment spending time at this pop-up concept café. It is a whole new level of beauty experience, and I would have wished this concept is permanent. I would not mind spending the lovely afternoon of indulging in their delicious cakes, sipping coffee with my ladies to talk over fashion and beauty. Plus, it’s so Instagram worthy, I’m sure you girls love it like I do. (Yeah, Coco Café Instagram feeds were all over my Instagram feeds for the past week!)

Coco Café
Besides missing this pop-up café, les pâtisseries were also the ones that I have been missing too. This exclusive treat is only available when you’ve bought something from its beauty’s collection. I knew the sweet tooth lovers are going to miss them.

CocoCafé-Natalie Eng

Fret not, I have done the homework for you guys and you can start following this talented local pastry chef – Natalie Eng, @engnatalie.

For those that functions better with a high sugar diet, she can be reached at for your tailored prescription.



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