5 flights in 2 weeks; from Singapore to Bali, back to Singapore then Jakarta, back to Singapore and to Europe.

This manic flying and intense schedule has taken a serious toll on my skin and rendered it dull, colorless and dehydrated.
In this nick of time, I couldn’t be more grateful enough to get acquainted with 111 Skin for their skincare routine and facial treatment. It has worked wonder for me at this point when I need salvation for my skin the most, and I’m delighted to share my experience with you all.

In case, you have not heard about 111 Skin, it is founded by London cosmetic surgeon Dr Yannis Alexanrides.
Primarily driven by an intolerance to the current slow method of healing for sensitive skin after his patients’ cosmetic procedures, he engaged the help of a group of space scientists and worked together to create this formula called NAC Y² to aid in a more effective and less time-consuming way for his patients’ skin to recover after their surgery. This breakthrough in the speed of skin cells recovery and radiance results have made patients keep coming back for more of its NAC Y² (Dramatic Healing Serum).

Because of the good responses from their customers, British luxury department store Harrods has noticed that their VIP has stopped purchasing from their store for NAC Y². Harrods then contacted Dr Yannis to create an entire skincare line to be stocked at their department store. Although, Dr Yannis was apprehensive about launching the entire collection due to his lack of commercial marketing skills. The Harrods’ team has addressed his concerns meticulously and ensured him that they would take charge of all his commerce needs and allowed Dr Yannis to focus on making the product as good as possible – Thus, they created the 111SKIN, a new skincare range that’s named after Dr Alexandrides’ Harley Street Practice where it all began.

If you have checkout my instagram highlights, I was blessed to dine with Dr.Yannis and his wife, Eva a few weeks ago. The humble and accomplished couple has shared with me many of their exciting product ranges that are launching in Singapore, and their facial masks that are already stocked at the shelves of Robinsons The Heeren.

Besides their facial masks, I’ve tried their full range of Reparative range and Cryotherapy Energy Facial treatment. Cryotherapy Energy Facial is a cooling sensation therapy where the treatment uses vaporized liquid nitrogen at subzero temperature to stimulate circulation and boost collagen production. Once your blood vessels constrict and returned to room temperature, the skin will be more receptive to skin-care ingredients and cure inflammation. My skin felt so refreshing, silky matte and soft after the treatments. My new pimples that have popped up during my Bali trip have also calmed down, its redness have also reduced to brown mark in one treatment! However, slight warning heads up, this treatment is really cold and I’ve experienced a slight brain freeze sensation during the therapy, it’s that cold!

I will be updating on you guys really soon on my Reparative range.

For now, head down to book your first experience with 111 Skin at Robinsons The Heeren and let me know how’s your first experience with them!

And I have a flight to catch now! See you guys soon!

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