*Drum rolls*

A new Austin-borned hair product brand – VERB is coming to our local Sephora this coming August!

Mark our words that VERB, will make waves and a must-have for summer! (Especially since Singapore is perpetually in our humid summer-like weather condition). If you are looking for a fuss-free hair, VERB SEA COLLECTION will make your hair looks like you have taken a trip to the beach and came back healthier and bouncier!

What to expect?
According to our Insider news, expect VERB SEA COLLECTION to be in your must-buy list. The hair products have a refreshing aroma that gives you a restoring energy to start your day. In addition, the natural sea salt ingredient helps to add volume and effortless texture to your hair. The seaweed extract and kelp helps to cleanse hair of excess oils and provide natural hydration.



And what we like about VERB?
The friendly price point, of course! It’s also animal friendly with no harmful chemicals such as sulfates, parabens or gluten. A typography lover like myself, I can’t deny that I am smitten by the packaging with its sea foam green hues with clean bold fonts.


Now what are you waiting for? BRING YOUR OWN VERB!!

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